Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fiction by teens...The Frog Prince part 6

The Froggy Prince continued...

by Alexa Schnee
Alexa is sixteen year old homeshooled, aspiring author. She participates in tap dance and plays the violin (though badly). She loves hanging out with her animals and reading books that make her laugh.

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Installment six:
The next few days continued as the first. Amelia was still reluctant at the concept of our frog, but she was also beginning to warm up to him a little. There were certain things that made her feel good to be around the frog. I guess it was the way he listened to everything she said with fascination. She could have said that sky was blue, and he would have been amazed at her revelation. Or, the way he liked to listen to her read her speech and debate arguments. He never criticized her. He never told her she was wrong. He just listened.

But there were things. There are always things. Amelia couldn’t stand how our frog always treated everyone the same. He always treated people with respect. For once she would like it if he would get mad at her. Whenever she would force him to do something that no one would like, he accepted it. In fact, the main reason she made him do those things was to see if she could get a rise out of him.

The frog watched her play basketball, and although he felt like he should say something to her he wondered what he would say.

“Your parents are right, you should be a lawyer?”

No one wants to listen to their parents. No, instead he held thoughts inside and hoped that no one would know what he really thought.

Eventually, the day of Prince Charming’s visit came. Now, we have heard a lot about Amelia and a lot about our frog, but what about Prince Charming? How does he fit into this tale? Well, reader, I’m certain you have noticed something about our characters so far. I am sure that you have seen that each of these characters have strengths and weaknesses and good things about them and bad things. That’s what being a human, or a talking frog, is all about.

Amelia is a smart, interesting, beautiful girl with all the potential in the world to become someone great. And yet, she continues to treat our frog badly. Our frog is a sweet, loving soul, but he relies on Amelia for his happiness. The king is a great ruler, yet he has a little bit of a temper. The queen is beautiful, yet she not quite the smartest person in the world. Not one of these characters is perfect.

Prince Charming is no exception. No matter how charming he could be, Prince Charming could never be perfect. Amelia seems to think he is. But as you will soon know, she will be surprised. And reader, as I have mentioned before, our frog has something that the prince could never possess.

Do you see how this tale is coming together? Do you see how everything is beginning to intermingle? If you don’t, reader, you soon will, and you will soon see how everything is beginning to fall into place.

{End of Installment VII}

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