Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fiction by Teens

The Froggy Prince continued...

by Alexa Schnee
Alexa is sixteen year old homeshooled, aspiring author. She participates in tap dance and plays the violin (though badly). She loves hanging out with her animals and reading books that make her laugh.

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Installment Two here

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Fourth installment:

“No,” the king said quickly.

“No?” the frog asked.

“No?” the queen said confused.

“NO?” Amelia questioned.

“No,” the king confirmed. “Amelia has gotten away with too much. Just yesterday she asked me for a new carriage, even though she just got a brand new one this year. My dear, it is time that you showed some responsibility in keeping your word.” He stroked his beard.

“But Daddy,” Amelia whined.

“You promised,” the king said. “Now take this nice frog up to your room and show him around.”

Amelia slammed her silverware onto her plate, creating a large clanging. Stamping her heels into the marble floor, the princess marched up to her room, again leaving our frog to hop behind her.

Now, the nicest joint our frog had ever been in was the Hotel Far, Far Away. And let me tell you, it was nothing special. Our frog thought that a mediocre dinner that was served to him was nice. Imagine how he felt when he saw the marble floors, the colorful tapestries and the beautifully carved wooden doors! Now, this was worthy of something. It amazed our frog how someone could actually live in a place this nice. Wouldn’t you be upset if something got dirty?

Amelia stood at the end of a hallway, opening the door for the frog. As soon as he entered the room she slammed it with fury.

“Okay frog, let’s get this straight. You play by my rules, not my daddy’s. No matter what he says, you will do what I say. Got that? If the girls come over for a sleepover, you will stay hidden in the closet. If Charming comes over, you will stay hidden in the closet. At night you will sleep under my bed and you will not say a word unless you are spoken to. Understand?”

Our frog could not answer.

Our frog was in awe of this room.

Amelia’s room was unlike anything he had ever seen before. Her bed was the largest thing he had ever seen in his life. It was covered with pillows, blankets and stuffed animals. Her walls were painted pink, and they were covered with pictures of her Princess Academy friends. At the center of these pictures was a large poster of Prince Charming, her one and only. It was signed in the bottom right hand corner, saying, “I am charmed for you, Beautiful. Love, Charming.”

Looking to his right, the frog saw a large closet. In fact, our frog couldn’t see the end of it. It was filled with as many dresses as it could hold.

“Are you listening?” Amelia said annoyed.

I have a favor to ask of you, dear reader. Please don’t be too mad at Amelia. Yes, it is easy to be mad at her. She did run away from our frog when she had promised that she would hold up her end of the deal. She did back-sass her father, and she was being a terrible sport about things. But, reader, pardon the expression, put yourself in Amelia’s shoes. She has had everything she has wanted all of her life. Whatever she desired she has gotten. Now, her life has drastically changed. Imagine having a stranger come and share your room with you. They are always with you, they talk in their sleep and they use all of the warm water in the shower. Now does Amelia look like such a bad guy?

You see, life is all about choices. Sometimes you make a good choice. Sometimes you make a bad choice. Amelia chose to run from our frog. Our frog chose to come and live with Amelia. The king chose to make Amelia live with her promise, and Amelia chose to be a brat about it. But one thing many of us have learned over time is that, whatever choice you make, with a little positive thinking, you can make it the right choice.

the end of installment 4...tune in next week

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