Monday, February 4, 2008

Meet Sarah

Who is your favorite author? If you could ask him/her three questions, what would they be?

Meg cabot is my favorite author, if i could ask her three questions they would be: how do you get the commitment to write a book? How do you get your ideas for books? how did you learn to write? (click on the link here to read Meg's answers)

Have you watched a good movie you'd recommend? Or listened to a good song? Or read a good book? What did you like about it? Why?

I have this song that i love by between the trees, it's about depression and how god is always there for you. It's called "the way she feels" i love it because it sends an amazing message about the effect that depression has on our world. It's about how just one spark of hope for one person could start hope for another person.

How do you deal with body image in a world that obsessed with thin and sexy? What advice do you have for others?

Don't be obsessed with how you look. If you want guys to like you for how you look your looking for the wrong type of guy. Guys should like you no matter what you look like. IF it bothers you how you look all that much diet in a healthy way. Don't do a diet that could hurt you.

What is your favorite .... (fill in the blank). Here are some to get you started. Bible verse, Color, Food, TV show, actor?

My favorite move right now is Saving Private Ryan. It's got tom hanks, it's the best war movie i've ever seen.

What is something you want to learn to do? Where is some place you want to go? Do you set goals for yourself? What do you hope for your future?

I really want to go to France, and visit Paris.

What does being a Christian look like in the real world? How do you cope? What do you struggle with? How do you connect with God day-by-day?

Being a christian for me is just listening to god every day. It's really hard for me i listen to him sometimes because the rest of the world says one thing while god is saying the other.

Write a quiz. Tell a joke. Share a cool saying ... the sky's the limit!

This guy has a parrot, This parrot doesn't say nice things. The guy is always telling the parrot to shut up because the parrot has bad grammar and it's mean. One day the parrot is really bad so the guy locks it in the freezer. When the guy takes the parrot out of the freezer the parrot says "i'm sorry i was so bad, i will try to use better grammar and be nicer from now on." The guy is surprised and is about to ask the parrot why it had such a change of heart when the parrot says "may i ask what the turkey did wrong?"

Do you struggle with parents? Friends? a boyfriend? Siblings? Do you have any questions about relationships you'd like answered?

I'm having trouble with a friend, i've struggled with school for a long time and i don't like being called stupid. Most of my friends know this, but this friend does it anyway. She is always insulting me and saying mean things to me. How to i tell her to stop without being mean?

Thanks Sarah! Let's see if I can get those questions answered!

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