Monday, February 18, 2008

Pam interviews Robin Jones Gunn!

Last week on we met Pam...and she had a few questions for Robin.

1. What is your inspiration?

I love watching and listening to people from around the world. I feel inspired to tell a variety of stories whenever I hear from someone how God has drawn them closer to His heart. I love reading and listening to classical poetry to get inspired on how to fit words together and make them sound beautiful. Above all, it’s God’s tender Holy Spirit who inspires me to fall more and more in love with Him.

2. How does God work through your writing?

Many readers have written to me over the years to say that God used one of my stories to bring them to Christ. Some readers say they opened their heart and lives and asked Christ to come in and be to them the Savior and Lord He longs to be to each of us. Some have said that they were struggling with making a right decision in some particular area and one of my stories gave them the motivation at the heart level to make the right decision. Others have told me that they simply felt they grew closer to Christ after reading one of my book.

3. What’s your favorite jelly bean flavor?


To learn more about Robin check out her website!

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