Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fiction by Teens...

The Froggy Prince continued...

by Alexa Schnee
Alexa is sixteen year old homeshooled, aspiring author. She participates in tap dance and plays the violin (though badly). She loves hanging out with her animals and reading books that make her laugh.

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Installment Five:

“Are you listening to me?” Amelia asked the frog again. She stood with her hands on her hips.

“Yes,” our frog said as he finally came to. “I am listening.”

“Good,” Amelia commented. She stomped over to her bed and plopped on it. A number of stuffed animals fell on the floor.

“Why?” she said quietly. “Why … did you have to choose me?”

Amelia had said it so quietly that our frog had barely heard it at all, but he did hear it.
“Because it seemed like a good choice to make,” the frog answered.

Amelia began to sniffle.

“Go.” She pointed accusingly towards her closet. The frog hung his head and hopped into her closet.

“Goodnight, Princess,” he said softly.

She got up from her bed and slammed the closet door in his face.

In the darkness of Amelia’s closet, the frog had slept rather soundly. Using one of Amelia’s shoes as a bed and a sash as a blanket, our frog had made a rather comfortable place for himself.

Our frog woke up to the sound of voices. He rubbed his eyes with his webbed feet stirred.
“I don’t care how much it costs,” he could hear Amelia screech. “I want everything to be perfect for Charming when he comes next week!”

“Yes, you’re Highness.” a voice answered her. The frog guessed it was a palace maid who the princess had so violently yelled at.

“Leave now. I shall head down to breakfast in a moment,” Amelia ordered.

“But, what about the frog?” the maid asked.

“Fine, we will head to breakfast in a moment.” Amelia sighed. The frog heard footsteps nearing the closet.

Amelia opened the door, and the light from her room created a circle of light around her head. If the frog didn’t know that Amelia was a spoiled brat, the sight would have been worthy of an angel. But, reader, Amelia was a spoiled brat and our frog did know better. So, the sight wasn’t nearly as gratifying.

“Get up. It’s time for breakfast,” Amelia snapped. And with that, she turned around and marched down the hall. Our frog, who was a slow riser, hopped sleepily after Amelia.

When they reached the dining room, the frog was surprised to see that there was a rather simple breakfast on the table. Only two bowls were on the table. Amelia sat down quickly and placed her spoon in her breakfast and began eating. Our frog saw how high the chairs were and softly croaked to Amelia.

“Do you mind helping me up?” he asked.

Amelia rolled her eyes. Picking him up with two fingers, she quickly set him on the chair.
“Thank you,” the frog said. He had always been taught to say his please’s and thank

Amelia grunted.

The frog looked into his bowl and saw something that made his skin crawl. Flies. There were flies in his bowl. Amelia had served him flies. He glanced over at Amelia. Of course, she was eating oatmeal, our frog’s favorite breakfast dish.

“Uh, Princess?” Our frog bravely asked.

“What?” Amelia gruffly replied.

“I don’t really like flies that much. Could I have a taste of your oatmeal?”

“I thought that’s what frogs ate,” Amelia said, daring to look at him.

“Most frogs do,” the frog said. “But, as you have witnessed, I am no ordinary frog.”
Amelia sighed. Taking a butter knife off of the butter dish, she dipped it into her oatmeal and placed it in front of the frog.

“Thank you,” The frog said. He had always been taught to say his please’s and thank you’s.

After a lovely breakfast, Amelia went to her own indoor basketball court. Now, I know what you’re thinking. She has her own basketball court? Yeah, right! But it is at this point that I will remind you that she is a princess, and that she has gotten whatever she has wanted all of her life.

Our frog followed her. He was excited to see how good Amelia was. He was also surprised. As he watched Amelia play basketball, it seemed to him that she missed more shots than she made. Her jump wasn’t high enough, her dribble was often doubled, and she just wasn’t fast. In fact, he was sure that she would make a better lawyer than a basketball player!
As Amelia finished her daily routine, she couldn’t help but watch the frog watch her. What was he thinking? Whatever his thoughts were, she was sure that they had something to do with her amazing basketball skills.

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