Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Your Questions...answered!

Sarah asked:

How do you know when god wants you to be with someone? how do you know who it is that god chose for you?

Leslie answered:
Sometimes it can be hard to know whether the person you care for is who God has chosen for you, or if he isn't.... first off, does he have a solid relationship with Christ? -Notice how I don't ask if he's a Christian or not.

Is his relationship with Christ evident in his daily life, or does he act like his non-christian friends?? If yes, that may be a step towards knowing if he is who God has intened for you.... if no, that is a strong sign that he isn't who God has chosen for you.

But for the most part, throughout this time put extra focus on your Bible reading & prayer time- as you grow closer to God, He'll make his plan for you clearer...

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