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Scripts by Teens!

Last fall I ran a contest during the blog tour for My Life, Unscripted. The contest was for teens to write their own review of My Life, Unscripted or to write their own script.

Here is the winning script from Anjulie!

Go here for an interview with Anjulie!

ANN (12), sits against the table. Across from her are WILLIAM (18), JASEY (15), and ADAM (10). In front of her there is a line of white powder half gone, next to the powder lies an empty pen shell.

ADAM: So…..what do you think? I told you it was great!!!!

ANN: My nose hurts, but that was awesome! (coughing)

William and Jasey laugh.

WILLIAM: And it only gets better from here (he pulls out a bottle of Vodka from under his coat) you ready to try this.

ANN: (laughing) You're hilarious! Do you really think this is the first time I have ever had cheap Vodka?

JASEY: Told you Will, she's not a goody-goody. Her parents keep her trapped up in her house most of the day. What the heck do you think she does to keep herself sane?

They all begin to laugh. William opens the bottle takes a swig and passes it around.

WILLIAM: (slurring his words) Sooo Ann do you want to buy some or not?

ANN: Duh…here take it before I change my mind (hands William $60) How long does this stuff last?

JASEY: Well you'll get off your HIGH horse (chuckling at his own joke) in about 3 hours. But trust me honey, you'll want more before then.

Jasey puts on some music and before long they are all high and drunk.

WILLIAM: Ann are you OK?

ANN: Actually, I am getting really tired... OH @#*^, I'm gonna barf.

ANN runs to the bathroom, and isn't seen again for about 10 minutes. ADAM walks in after her and finds her passed out on the floor of the bathroom

ADAM: I am sooo not carrying her home.

JASEY: I'll have my sister call her mom and ask if she can spend the night…..

WILLIAM: Let's have some fun first.


And here are the 2 winning reviews:

I thought that this book was a very good book. The lay out of it was fantastic. I love how it was very easy to understand. One of the best things I thought was how she used things that actually happened in her life to make the book real. She really became a real person in my eyes. Not like one of those people that you read or hear about that seem to have had their whole life figured out since they were a child. I was in a class that was about video production. And all of the terms that she used were extremely accurate! I love how you just think that from the title, the book is going to be a narrative. Which is what I thought. But then as I started reading I realized that I Was wrong but it wasn’t in a bad way. This book really opened my eyes to some real truths. I think since she used things that actually came from her life it made the book real. And it’s not like a self help book. Its more like a book saying that you will need help from God because when you live your life un-scripted it doesn’t turn out the best.I would definitely recommend this book to my friends. The Bible verses that she uses really fit well into the point that she is trying get across. I think that she did a great job writing this. I also think that every teenage girl should read this because there are real points that need to be told and I think that she did a great job conveying them.

Reborn Butterfly
Here's my review of My Life Unscripted by Tricia Goyer!

My Life Unscripted is a wonderful read specifically geared to teens girls.

Each chapter starts off with a scripted scene from Tricia's life. Spread throughout the chapters are "My Scripts", with real teen girls expressing their thoughts and feelings. Tricia Goyer asks questions and leaves space for journal time. Tricia doesn't shy away from the hard issues that effect teenagers today. She's like an older sister gently guiding us through her life story. She has a genuine heart for teenage girls, and it shows. I loved how she displays this in the final chapter "Climax".

Many of the scripts were situations that have happened to my friends or to myself.

Tricia shares her shortcomings and mistakes, while showing us that there is a 2nd chance.

At the end of the book there are discussion questions that would make a great daily devotional or bible study with a group of teen girls. In fact, once I finish with my current devo now I plan on using this.

I believe that each young woman today should have a copy of this book in her room.

Stop Lurking! Every week I will draw names for a free Tricia Goyer book from those who comment on my blogs. Winner's choice! Tell your friends.

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