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Fiction by Teens

The Froggy Prince continued...
by Alexa Schnee

Alexa is sixteen year old homeshooled, aspiring author. She participates in tap dance and plays the violin (though badly). She loves hanging out with her animals and reading books that make her laugh.

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Last installment: Have you ever heard of the word “irony”? It could be used very often in this story. Irony means “humor based on opposites” or “when disparity seems comical”. Doesn’t that sound exactly like this story? Isn’t ironic that as soon as Amelia is about to admit her true feelings towards the frog he has left? Isn’t it ironic that as soon as Amelia is about to search for the frog the big game comes up? And isn’t it ironic that after treating our frog so badly, Amelia felt as though she was the one that had been abused?

She couldn’t concentrate on her game. In warm-up, she had accidentally hit the referee with the ball. In the first quarter, she had passed the ball to the third little pig instead of her teammate. At the end of the half, she had made an incredible shot, but it was into the other team’s basket.
Her parents were disappointed about the frog leaving. Her mother had even mentioned that he was such a nice talking animal that she would be happy if had decided to live with them forever. The king had agreed saying that he had been such a polite lad, uh, frog.

Amelia shuddered. If only she had just told the frog how she had really felt earlier! Then she wouldn’t feel like such a bad person. She would try to push the frog out of her mind and get on with the game.

When she walked out onto the court, she noticed that the crowd had lessened considerably. Obviously she wasn’t going to get that basketball scholarship. She couldn’t help but look around to see if the frog was there. She glanced over by her parents. They sat alone; Charming hadn’t even bothered to show. Her parents waved at her.

The players got ready for the toss. Amelia was just about to jump when she heard a croakish voice calling her name.

“Come on, Amelia!” the voice cried.

Amelia froze. The ball came from the referee’s hand like slow motion. She turned her head to see the frog in the bleachers. The other players whizzed by her, all she could focus on was that croakish voice…

“Time-out!” the coach called after seeing Amelia frozen in space.

She quickly ran off of the court.

“Oh, you came back, uh,” it was at that moment that Amelia realized that she didn’t know his name.

“It’s Henry,” the frog croaked. “Yes, I’m back.”

“Henry,” Amelia said, liking the sound of his name on her lips. “I am sorry for what I did. You are not just a frog, and I have known that in my heart. If there is anything I can do to make it up to you—“

“A kiss,” Henry said simply. “Once the game is over, I would like a kiss.”


Just then, the buzzer blared loudly. Amelia nodded her head towards the frog and jogged back onto the court. As the second half officially started, Amelia began to feel rejuvenated. She could do this, she knew she could!

The game began to pick up pace. Amelia was now making three pointers and passing the ball. She kept on going, even though you could tell the whole team was getting tired. Whenever she began to feel sluggish, she would hear Henry cry out her name and it gave her new strength.
Finally, it came down to the last three seconds. If Amelia could make this shot, they would win the game, and Amelia would get her basketball scholarship.

The whistle blew.

The ball was passed to Amelia.

She took a shot…

And she missed.

The crowd that was left erupted in one loud sigh of disappointment. Amelia hung her head. How bad she had wanted to win! She looked up at her parents. They waved at her. She looked at Henry. He smiled.

It was okay that she had lost.

She walked over to him. Her face still wore a beaten look, but it grew happier when she reached him. She scooped him up gently in her cupped hands.

“Thank you, Henry,” she said, then gave him a soft kiss on the head, and…

Nothing happened.

Henry had expected to become a handsome prince, or at least, human. But he soon found that he hadn’t changed at all. He was still warty, he was still green, and he was still a frog.

Amelia saw the frown on his face.

“What’s the matter?” she asked, concerned.

“Oh, nothing,” Henry shook his head. “It’s just I thought that I might become something that I’m not.”

“Well, I like you the way you are,” Amelia smiled.

Henry couldn’t help but smile back.

Henry and Amelia lived together for a very long time. Henry’s dad was promoted to the coach for the Fairyland Hoopsters, and offered Amelia a scholarship. Although she was grateful, she declined and found that she was much more suited to being a lawyer. Henry got a job as a translator for those that needed to know how to speak frog. They lived together along with Amelia’s mother and father, who fully respected and loved the new member in the family.

I once told you that this story might not end with a “happily ever after”, it being a story with much irony, much imperfection and many choices. However, I think I can say that it is true.

Yes, indeed, they did live happily ever after.

The End

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