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Fiction by Teens...

The Froggy Prince continued...
by Alexa Schnee

Alexa is sixteen year old homeshooled, aspiring author. She participates in tap dance and plays the violin (though badly). She loves hanging out with her animals and reading books that make her laugh.

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Installment Seven:

So, Prince Charming came, and reader, as I am sure that you are excited to know how this meeting between our frog and the prince will go. So, I will tell you this part of the story.

He arrived in a carriage very much like any other person would, but as you could expect, it was no ordinary carriage. It was the most amazing, beautiful, expensive carriage ever invented. It was a 1597 Mustang. It came up to front of the castle, where Amelia and the king and queen were waiting. The prince stepped out of his incredible machine into the loving arms of Amelia.

“Charming! I missed you!” Amelia cried hugging him. He returned her embrace and quickly strode over to the king and queen.

“Mr. King, Mrs. Queen, how lovely to see you again.” Charming bowed at the waist, his blonde hair bobbing. “Mrs. Queen, is that a new hairdo? It looks lovely!” He kissed her hand softly.

The queen giggled giddily, and then stopped when the king gave her a look.

“Shall we retreat into the parlor?” she asked, somewhat embarrassed.

“What an excellent idea, Mother,” Amelia nodded, taking Charming by the arm. “I’m sure Charming would love to tell us about the adventures he’s been having.”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to bore you,” Charming said modestly. “But, okay.”

Now, I bet you are wondering, where is our frog? Why wasn’t he there to greet Prince Charming? It is because reader, he is stuck in a most unpleasant spot. He is back in the closet. Amelia had made it clear on the first day that he had moved in with them that she did not want him hopping about when Prince Charming came to visit, so as she said she would, she, quite literally, threw him into the closet. Our frog sat on the floor of the dark closet contemplating on how he was going to get out. He wasn’t going to let Charming steal Amelia!

Unfortunately, there is only a small amount of things a talking frog can do. For example, a talking frog can hop, and talk, and maybe catch some flies. But as you know, our frog didn’t like flies so this was an unnecessary skill. But one skill that I have not mentioned was that, a frog can croak, and the croaking can be quite loud if needed. So what did our frog do?

“What a fascinating story,” the queen said. “Snow White must be very grateful.”

“I never did get any thanks,” Charming replied. “She was off fighting in those dreadful galactic wars before she could even say goodbye to Grumpy.”

Amelia laughed loudly.

“Are you coming to Amelia’s basketball game?” the king asked. “Her team is looking awfully good this year.”

“Oh, Daddy, it’s not my team,” Amelia smiled, though she knew it basically was.

Coach had based her team around the star player, which had turned out to be Amelia. For the first time, Amelia began to wonder if the other girls felt left out. What did they really think of her being the “star player”?

The thought quickly passed through her mind. She had more important things to worry about. This was Charming’s special day. Everything had to go exactly perfect.


At first, Amelia thought that she was hearing things that were not there. Maybe she had gotten used to the frog’s croaking and she was beginning to hear it everywhere. Or maybe the furniture that they were sitting on had creaked. But the look on Prince Charming’s face showed Amelia that he had heard it also, and that it wasn’t just creaky furniture.

“What was THAT?!” Charming asked standing up in a gallant pose.

“It was just the creaky furniture I am sure,” Amelia said quickly.


“There it was again!” Charming cried. He now reached for his sword, ready to kill the rather loud and annoying creature that might be threatening his princess. He started to make his way towards the door; causing Amelia to grab his arm is desperation.

“I am sure that it is just the settling of the house!” she made another excuse, but Charming’s mind was made up. This beast was threatening his future in-laws and the love of his life. It reminded him of last season’s championship football game, which he of course, was the team captain. When he broke that linebacker’s arm it had clean snapped. And now, he was planning to do this to the creature’s spine.

Running swiftly up to Amelia’s room with Amelia not far behind him, he burst open the closet door to find our frog. They looked at each other for awhile, with Charming’s sword raised above his head, and our frog bravely facing him.

“Don’t hurt him!” Amelia said quickly. “If you do, something bad might happen to me.” She stepped in front of our frog. “He is living with me.”

There was a moment of silence in which Charming was trying to figure out why a frog might be living with Amelia. He thought, and thought, and thought, and then finally an explanation came to him.
“You got a pet? How wonderful!” he exclaimed, wishing that he had gotten her a pet frog instead of her having to go out and buy one herself.

“I, most certainly, am not a pet.” A voice came from the floor.

“Who said that?” Charming demanded. “Speak now or face the wrath of me and my sword.”

Amelia slapped her face in disbelief.

“It is I, the frog,” our frog said. He hopped up to Charming with a smile.

That must have jogged the Prince’s memory because at that moment he cocked his head to think again. That voice, and that frog, it seemed all so familiar. In fact, he vaguely remembered a frog in high school…

“YOU!” Charming cried. “You were on the chess team! And the Glee Club, and the Boyscouts, and the-“

“We get the idea.” the frog’s smile faded.

Charming turned to Amelia.

“Is he your new, frogfriend?” he asked in utter horror.

Amelia, for one of the first times in her life, was extremely confused. How could Charming know who this frog was? How could he know that the frog was a nerd? And what the heck was a ‘frogfriend’?

“A ‘frogfriend’? Amelia questioned.

“I think he means a boyfriend,” the frog said quickly.

Amelia looked at the frog.

The frog looked at Amelia.

They both let out a loud laugh.

“Oh no, Charming! He’s just staying with me. There is nothing between us. Besides, I mean, well, he’s just a frog.”

Just a frog…

Just a frog…

Just a frog…

The words echoed throughout Amelia’s room. The funny thing was, the only one who seemed to notice this was the frog. Have you ever heard the expression, “blind as a bat”? I’m sure you must have because it is a very common expression. It means that someone can be either literally or figuratively, blind to their surroundings. I think that this applies to Amelia very much. She is blind to the people around her and what they are thinking. Amelia, pardon the expression, is as blind as a bat concerning the frog. She has no idea that it might offend him by saying he was, “just a frog”, because as you know, he is not an ordinary frog.

End of installment.

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