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Fiction by Teens...

The Froggy Prince continued...
by Alexa Schnee

Alexa is sixteen year old homeshooled, aspiring author. She participates in tap dance and plays the violin (though badly). She loves hanging out with her animals and reading books that make her laugh.

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Installment Eight:

Charming looked relieved.

“Oh, that’s a relief,” he said quickly. He sheathed his sword and took Amelia’s hand. Amelia smiled.

“I am not just…” the frog started, but he lost his courage half-way through. Maybe Amelia and Prince Charming were right. Maybe he was just a frog. The only thing that he could do that other frogs could not was talk, and to be honest, that hadn’t done much for him either.

“Charming, should we go and check out my basketball court? I want to show you my lay-up.”

“Of course, Sugar Plum!” he said, and they quickly left the room.

Our frog just stood there. He did not follow, or engage in pleasant conversation as he could have. He did not smile or laugh at Amelia’s jokes. He just stood there. Puzzling.

Could it have been that he did not care for Amelia anymore? Was he tired of her? She had never been very nice to him. Whenever he had tried to be a good frog and do what she had asked, it always seemed like she did not care.

Then, the realization hit him hard, like an old gym basketball.

She did not care.

Amelia did not care about our frog whatsoever. The reason she had treated him badly was that she just didn’t care at all.

At that moment, our frog made a decision. He would leave.

He hopped down the marble hallways, thinking about so long ago in his childhood, when his dad was teaching him to play basketball, hoping that his child would make it onto the high school team.

He remembered when he felt like he just couldn’t do it, he tell his dad he couldn’t, and his dad would pick him up and shake him softly. “You are not just a frog” he would say, then set him back on the court.

He hopped down the stairs, this memory bringing pain to him. Where he would go he did not know. But he did know that he would go some place where he was not just a frog.

And he did.

Now, this story could be over. I could tell you that our frog was found in The Seven Dwarfs Getaway Spa or he got a job teaching other young frogs to play chess...but that would not be true. I could tell you that Amelia went off to college and became the greatest basketball player of all time. But, that also would be a lie.

I could tell you that I just won a million dollars, but sadly, that is not true either.

Amelia knew our frog was not just a frog. In fact, Amelia knew in her heart that he was much more than a frog, almost much more than a human being. He was a special soul, she knew. He cared for every creature on the planet, and didn’t even know he did.

So that’s why what she had said to him did not sit well with her. She could not stop thinking about how she must have hurt him. This may surprise you, because Amelia has never really shown much compassion so far. But, I will tell you something. Every heart has a little bit of good and a little bit of bad. Sometimes there is more good than bad, or bad than good, but there is always that small amount of good that can change a person for the better.

As soon as she saw Charming off, she raced up to her room, thinking about what she was going to say to the frog. She stepped into the room, assuming that the frog was behind the closet door. Sitting on the bed, she began her apology speech.

“Mr. Frog? Are you listening? I just wanted to say that I know that you are not just a frog. Actually, you’ve become more of a friend to me. I have enjoyed having someone to talk to; even if it is all about me and I’m sure it bores you. It’s just that, dang it! I have never had to live with anyone before, and I’m used to getting my way. From now on, I will try to be more considerate and think of you.”

There was no answer from behind the door.

“Oh, come on, I said I was sorry,” Amelia said, mad that he did not at least acknowledge her attempt at being thoughtful.

There was no answer from behind the door,

Quietly turning the door knob, she opened the door to find the closet was empty. There was no warty frog in sight.

Amelia sighed.

The frog had left her.

{End of Installment XII}

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