Friday, January 18, 2008

Garbage in, Garbage out...

Have you ever heard the saying Garbage In ... Garbage Out? What you read, you think. What you think, you live.

For many years, garbage is exactly what I read, thought, and lived. And amazingly, once I started reading books with good morals, I started living better. So, maybe you don't know what to read ... here are some suggestions!

Also, tell me about your favorite book that you'd recommend!

The DragonSpell books by Donita K. Paul

The Christy Miller Series and Sierra Jenson Series by Robin Jones Gunn

Anything by Melody Carlson

Anything by Sandra Byrd

Anything by Sarah Sumpolec

Historical novels by Wendy Lawton

Anything by Nancy Rue, Bill Meyers, Robert Elmer, Bryan Davis, Lauraine Snelling

These are all friends of mine (and EXCELLENT writers) and I can vouch for their character as well as their good, moral stories. Check them out!

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Audra Elizabeth said...

I've read a lot of their books! And I love them. :]