Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You Asked...about Robin Jones Gunn

Meet Lauren, today she is interviewing author Robin Jones Gunn!

Lauren: My favorite author is Robin Jones Gunn. I have three questions for her.

Tricia: Lauren, good choice for your favorite author! Robin is one of my dear friends, and her answers to your questions are below!

Lauren: What do you like to do for fun?

[Robin Gunn] I LOVE to travel. Any time, anywhere. Last year at this time I was in Brazil and that was amazing. I also love meeting up with friends from around the world and lingering over a leisurely meal or cup of tea.

Lauren: How do you plan out your books?

[Robin Gunn] I start with a written out prayer, asking God for a new story that will draw His children closer to His heart. Then I get a three-ring binder and start collecting all kinds of bits of info like pictures to get an idea of what the characters look like, maps, a calendar so I know when the story starts and stops and any other helpful info from the internet or from photos I’ve taken. Then I start with a pen and paper and just write and write until I see a summary of some of the key points of the story. It always changes, but the freehand start is a good loosening of ideas exercise. Then I sit down at the computer and write chapter one, page one and go from there.

Lauren: Who is your favorite author?

[Robin Gunn] I don’t know that I have one favorite. I like different authors at different times. I love reading biographies to see how real lives played out as God wrote their stories. I adore Tricia Goyer. (and she didn’t make me say that, either!)

Lauren: to find out more about Mrs. Gunn check out her website!

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Courtney Glover said...

Dear Robin Jones Gunn,

I love the book I promise. But my friends and I are woundering if Todd and Christy ever have kids.