Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How important to you is having a boyfriend?

At this point, not very important because I have higher priorities and need to focus on other things right now.
Miranda, Georgia 16

That isn't important to me at all! I love the band Barlow Girl because they feel the same about boyfriends and dating as I do. I know that God has a plan for my life, and I know that if God wants me to be married to someone, then it'll happen. I don't need to worry myself in finding him. Being friends with guys is enough right now. My favorite quote is something Lauren Barlow said, "If our hearts were meant to be broken, God would have given them to us that way." If you have a boyfriend at my age, usually you're not going to end up getting married, and there will be a break up involved, someone will always get hurt.
Mallory, Arizona 14

Kind of important. I want a boyfriend but I want a guy who is going to be good for me. It is more important for me to make good choices in my life than to have a boyfriend.
Sarah, Minnesota 14

I don't care. I'd be fine with it if I found someone that could be it, but otherwise I just want a guy friend and nothing else. Having a boyfriend just to have one can be really dangerous to your heart if you're not careful.
Anna, Texas 14

This may seem strange but having a boyfriend is my last priority at this point. Having a perfect relationship with God is far more important than having a relationship with a guy. I think that God should be the foundation for any relationship and, I don't feel that I am "right" with God at the moment.
Sophia, Texas 14

I would like to have a boyfriend now, but I still haven't found the right person to date yet. I have a guy who shares my same values, but I'm not sure if he is interested.
Shelby, Iowa 15

What about you?

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Debbie said...

Not at all important. :) As a teen, I think it's kind of stupid to date while in high school. (I'm going to be very popular for posting that, I'm sure ;)

Honestly, very few relationships in high school last. Futhermore, it's my theory that most teens are not spiritaully or emotionally mature enough to handle a relationship.

Whether you realize it or not, it's a committment. It means staying by somebody else's side in the good, bad and ugly. And I for one know I'm still too darn selfish to handle that at my current age. ;)