Tuesday, September 2, 2008

That Girl

I just had to brag on my son. I knew you'd all appreciate it. This is a poem 19-year-old (never been kissed) Cory wrote. This is a photo of him with the girls he interned with at church this summer--his friends. Isn't the poem sweet?

That girl, by Cory Goyer

That girl
I don't know her hair color
I don't know her smile
I don't know her laugh
I don't know the color of her eyes
Or her favorite song
I don't know her passions
I don't know the thing she hates
I don't know her face
I don't know where she likes to hide
Or the twinkle in her eye
I don't know if I know her
But I know she is that girl

I would give my life for that girl
I would give up everything for that girl
I would die for that girl
I would live for that girl
I would love that girl
I would care for that girl
I would take care of that girl
All for that girl

I know she is beautiful
I know she is smart
I know she is wonderful
I know she is funny
I know she is amazing
I know she is mine
I know she is that girl

She may not know it yet
For I surely don't
She may mat not love me yet
But I know she will
Because I know I will love her
With all that I have
She may not even know me yet
But she will know me more than anyone

She may has a past
Wrong things
But I will not see these things
I will wipe away her sorrows
I will not remember her wrong doings
I will not regret
Because if everything
She has ever done
Will lead her to me
Then I thank her past

So God I pray
I pray for that girl
I pray you let me wait
I pray you let her wait
I pray for her safety
I pray for her happiness
God lead me to that girl

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Alexa said...

Wow Mrs. Goyer! If only all guys were like that!